Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about what the Boys & Girls Clubs do for kids in our community?
A  You can attend a Club Connection Tour Click here for dates and more information 
How do I contact the Club directly?
Click here for a listing of club phone numbers 
I would like to mentor a child, who do I contact?
Contact our offices at (941) 366-7940 or email 
How do I get a receipt for a recent donation?
Contact Patti Isenberg at (941) 366-3911, or email 
How do I donate an item (books, computer, TV, etc…)?
Donations are accepted only certains days of the week. Please call the Club directly for hours and pick-up availability.
Click here for a listing of club phone numbers 
How do I sign my child up for after-shool or summer care?
Call the appropriate Club directly. Go to the Club info link to locate a Club in your area. 
Is there bus transportation from my child’s school to your facility?
To find a listing of schools that drop off at a Club, go to club info and click on the Club in your area. 
Are there any Job Openings?
Click here to get a job applications. For Job openings, call the Club directly. Click here for a listing of club phone numbers